Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Big Problems

I've hered something stange a coupple of days ago, my dad told me that Microsoft had confessed that Linux is better! Here it is:
"We will become better than Linux", says Bob Muglia on Microsoft. Concurrent recognizes he three areas there Linux today is by far the best, boozing era computers, webb and security.
  • Boozing era computers, that area may Linux still so long, but Microsoft will become better.
  • The webb is dominated of Linux and Apache but Microsoft tries to take again the lead.
  • Security, there, we have still nothing to come with, but within a pair years will we flog Linux.
They must have some BIG problems if they even confess that Linux is better and they say that they will be better in a few years, but where is Linux then?
My point is that they got the whole world against them, because Linux got everything open-sourced, so everyone can help to make Linux better and better. I myself have Fedora Core 4 on my computer at my dad and Ferora Core 5 at my mom, and FC5 is so flashy!
And to everyone that are going to buy a new computer; try to get a computer without anything on it, why pay 2000-3000 more just to have virus. And, Linux is free and totaly safe.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Two good things

Last saturday I, my sister Tott and my friends Danni, Didi, Frida and Linda was at Lule Kalaset and we arrived around 20.00 and the band we was there to see wasn't going on stage until 00.15, so we had some time to kill. And around a hour before BWO was going on stage we started to go to Södrahamn, where they would play. When we arrived Nazaret was on stage so we had to fight us through the whole crowd whit oldies and other Nazaret fans, and we got realy far. When Nazaret went of stage the most people went away because the genres are so different so it's not that many who like the both groups. As the people dissapered i was more and more space and finaly we finded some space in front of where Martin was going to sing and pushed away every one who thought that thye could steel our awesome places rigth by the fence. Then Martin, Marina and Alexander got on stage and the whole crowed got crazy. And I just must mention that this was my first big consert, I've been at Escobar when I was younger, but that was NOTHING compared whit this! After everybody but Danni and I complained about that they had been pushed against the fence, but I was behind Danni because it was no room for little me at the fence, so I was the whole time (almost) behind Danni and pushed the crowd back, so Danni had plenty of space compared whit the oters. But then we complaned about our hands instead, I did realy thought that I would have to sick-list myself. But if anyone is concerd I can say that its all rigth now. :) After the consert we were going on an autograph hunt and I and Danni got away from the rest of our friend and went back to the fance. We was also the only ones who got the autographs. I will probably publish some photos from the concert later on.

From left: Alexander Bard, Martin Rolinski, Marina Schiptjenko

Today Liverpool meet Chelsea and kicked there ases whith 2-1.
Riise did 1-0 after 9 minutes. This is from BBC:
"The Norwegian collects the ball from the corner in his own box and races upfield before unleashing a fierce shot from 25 yards." Realy cool, but I didn't saw that because I was eating then and I, my dad and Tott wasn't arriving to O'Learys (a sports bar where we watch all footballs matches because we don't got the chanel at home) until just before the second half kick-of.
Then we saw that Chelsea had
equalized in the 43:th minute, not good.
I think that we didn't had so much ball possition until the 59:th minute, when Bernites let Gerrard and Alonso out on the field, after that I couldn't complane about the Middfield anymore.
But I was happy to complane about Garcias and Crouchs
performance, but I always do.
Anyway, I saw the goal that Riise did after the game and I became realy PROUD to be at Liverpool fan. :)
Then Crouch header into the goal! And that is amazing
becaus I, Tott and dad always complayn on that Crouch headers so soft, but I did realy got surpriced and the hole bar is full whit screams! It turned out that it only was Liverpool fans in there. :)
It is realy fun to be able to say that we have beaten Chelsea two latest times!