Monday, July 31, 2006

Movies and stuff

I have seen a great movie that I can recommend to, like, everybody - Sommersturm (or, in english Summer storm). It is a german movie and I downloaded it without subtitle (by mistake of course) and I didn't understod that mutch, but I really liked it! I stole this review from, but I think they won't mind:
Tobiiand Achim, the prideiof the local crewiclub, have been bestifriends for years andiare convinced that nothingiwill ever stand inithe way of theirifriendship. They are bothiextremely keen about theiupcoming summer camp andithe crew competition.

At camp,iAchim begins spending moreiand more time withihis girlfriend, whilst Tobiibecomes increasingly sceptical ofitheir relationship. Then whenithe gay team fromiBerlin arrives, Tobi isicompletely confused. The eveningibefore the big race,ia storm breaks thatiis more than meteorologicali...

And I find some realy cute actors; Robert Stadlober (plays Tobi) and Marlon Kittel (plays Leo), AND! It has nothing to do with whatever happends in the movie!

Robert Stadlober
He is so mutch cuter in blond hair, didn't realy liked him in the movie.

Marlon Kittel
There is not so many pictures at the internet, so this picture is from the movie.

Songs to recomend:

"Sarah Beth" - Rascall Flatts
"Crazy" - Simple Plan

"Mouth Shut" - The Veronicas

"Leb die Sekunde" - Tokio Hotel

"There's A Good Reason Why These Tables Are Numbered Honey, You Just Haven't Thought Of It Yet" - Panic! At The Disco

"We Could Be Heroes" - Bodies Whitout Organs

"Hard Rock Hallelujah" - Lordi

"Botten Anna" - BassHunter

This i just some of my favourit songs, but if you look at the genres you se that I like different kinds of music and as my sister use to say: "There are no bad genres, just bad songs!"

Friday, July 21, 2006

Most about football

Buhu, we are going back to the island today and we don't have a computer there. And it dosen't are any fun people there, just 9-kids-family, the barrel people, Lyxele and Hertsön (neighbours).
I wish the fall could come soon! Then a new season of football starts and I just LOVE Liverpool! :D Missed them soo mutch during the summer and the World Cup wasn't exciting enough, the wrong land won.
This is my favourit countries:
  1. England
  2. Germany
  3. Spain
And I realy HATE Cristiano Ronaldo!!
But it coul have ended worse, France beated Spain, Portugal beated England and Italy beated Germany.
So, the worse thing would be this:
  1. Italy
  2. France
  3. Portugal
  4. Germany
It was close, but of course everybody know how it ended...
It was, anyway, NOT a good WM, Germany was the only land that played intresting football, like Champions Leuge football... :) And they have the most good looking football player... :D


Totaly the hottest in the football world! :)
Have to pack now...

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Hello! :)
I've been up all night and should probably go to bed now, but I have to get up in two hours so its no idea to go to bed. I've been listening to a soundbook by Hening Mankell and mayde cute notepads. Anyway, what I like about soundbooks:
  • Its so easy to do other stuff and that is realy good.
  • I think its easy to listen to another person when they reads for "me".
  • I don't have any problems whit different voices.
Now I have to get a cop of coffee... :)

Monday, July 17, 2006


Hey, just wan't to welcome you all who's finding this place and warn you: my english sucks! Anyway, welcome ones again and blessed be.