Tuesday, April 03, 2007


On saturday I was on IKEA in Haparanda and there I saw this sexy (exuce my language) Finnish man. He had red hair and a comb and was there with two girls and another man. This was on the 31:th of March.
I was wering a gray skirt with black skulls on it, a black and white striped sweather, gray pantyhose, pink (at least from the beginning) sneakers and had big black sunglasses on top of my head.
Now to the point, I would like, I don't know, know him - or you, if you se this, one in a milion chance - because I havn't been able to stop thinking of him since saturday!
Anyway, I'm just stupid who wright this here, no chance at all that he would see this, but atleast I haven't giv up yet!
Night, gonna sleep now...