Monday, November 20, 2006


Today I went home erly becaus I got sick at school. No fun...
But Moa (nice friend to me) took care of me. :)
Hate to be sick, but nothing to do about it.
I throw up and was dizzy, feel a little better now...
The dizzyness isn't gone but i don't feel that wierd in my stomach anymore, a good sign. :)

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Be my penguin?

I had a big problem whit my internet the for some months now and a lot of websites didn't work, so I haven't bin in here in a while. And something I've discovered when I couldn't get here is how mutch I need to write about my day and stuff that have happened to me.

Today my youngest sister should go to a Halloween party in a village 20 minutes from where we live and before we got away from home the clock had turned 15.10 and I, my dad and my sister, Lydia, was going to go and see football 16.00, but we just got 5 minutes late.
It was Liverpool vs. Reading and we won with 2-0, but we could have done it better.
The first goal came after 14 minutes, assist by Crouch, and it was Kuyt who did it! The whole bar (it was quite empty) was screaming and it felt like we were going to win, but I realy never believed anything else in the first place.
The rest of the first halfwasn't realy that exiting, but you could the whole time se how mutch Gerrard wanted to do the next goal.
In the 72th minute Kuyt did 2-0 and the atmosphere were realy... Happy! But then Rafa destroyed everything and did some defencive canges and the God (Robbie Fowler) wasn't in canged until the 87th minute. It should ALWAYS be God and Kuyt on the top from the start!

Dirk Kuyt; match hero

After the game I checked out my sisters site and saw the moast cutest and mizerable thing ever! I think its called "azuzephre", and its just the cutest emo... THING ever! :) I love it! Its so cute and... Just WONDERFUL!
Look at the one to the left for example, how cute isn't the middle square?
My sisters site (in swedish):