Sunday, December 31, 2006

My little sister

Today I and Ylva was painting and listened to Tokio Hotel. Ylva is three years old and likes Tokio Hotel really mutch, when we listen to Schrei she sings to as mutch as she can, but she don't know germany so she sounds REALLY cute. And I got a picture of Bill as background so everytime she sees it she screams "Bill, det är Bill" (Bill, it is Bill).


All the time while we were painting Ylva said that we were going to send Bill our pintings, but i the end they ended up on my door.

Ylvas painting

Lydia were whith us and painted, acording to Ylva she were going to send her paintings to Good Charlotte.

This is Liis freaky pictures, love you sis!

And of course did I also painted. I did a uncreative picture, D didn't got to think of anything else to do... :)

My uncreative painting

After a while our dad came in to my room and looked on our paintings and he didn't like mine. He don't like the name Bill becaus of Bill Gates.

Dads hand

This is my dad

My promise for the next year will be NO CNADY!
How will I survive?

Monday, December 25, 2006

My grades; Not a nice christmas storry

On wednesday last week it was my last day in school this year. First I, Lydia, Daniella, Elin, Frida and Moa looked at the in bandy-, basketball- and volleyballfinals together. 9B (my class) met 9A in volleyball and we won the first set and was realy good, but then we lost in the second set. I think our players tock that to hard and we let them win the third whitout any fight!
I still don't get why we played Louise and Emma!! Both of them sucked, everytime they should take a ball I'd stoped my breating and they missed or did something strange so you would wonder what they think whit almost everytime!! But Emma actually managed to pass the ball over the net sometimes and did some good assists.
Anyway, I really do wonder how it comes that Louise was even alowed to enter the field, she should have been sended to the school and watch a movie or somewere where I don't have to se her. The only reasom that she could play was becaus she is popular, if she had been inpopular like me, she wouldn't even been alowed to suport the team!

Now we got to an intresting subiect, who am I? Am I popular or inpopular?
The truth is that I'm inpopular and I only got three friends from my class; Dannini (Daniella), Elini (Elin) and Moe (Moa).
Moe is the one I dislike the most in our whole school, she talks behind my back and is... just mean!
Danni is the kind one, she got blond hair (just like an angle), plays piano and is the one that I think I is most giving to talk to.
Elini is the one that I find hardest to talk to, but is also the one that wonders me again and again! She came with a new side of things that I doubt I would had finded otherwise. And she has her own style!
The others just ignore us, or they ignore Danni nad sometimes me to and are picking on Elini and sometimes me.
There I admire Elini, she is so cold against them and it looks like they can't harm her. I don't know if that is the real thing or not, but on the outside it looks like that.

Back to the last day. After 9A beated us in volleyball we went back to the school and got our grades. I will maybe publish them here later, but I can say that I'm disapointed! I should at least have VG in math and HK, but I only got G!

The first day on my christmas holiday I read a upper secondary school-guide about what you can choose to go and I found out that that there is nothing I want to go!! Realy depressing!
So, after that I've been pretty low and didn't got any christmas feelings.
The 24th I woke up and feelt realy low, but mom made me go to dinner at my cousins place. We were spending the whole cristmas there, from 13.00 to 23.30 and we almost ate the whole time.
When the others were watching Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse on the TV, a sweedish christmas tradition, I was listening to Tokio Hotel on my IPod, really depressing.
The most depressing I know is that in my whole family, on both my moms and my dads side, no one is in my age! The closest is my stepbrother Erik and my dads cousin Adrian, both are one year older than me! On all family advents I don't have anyone to talk to, feels so alone...
Anyway, that day we ate like too mutch, so I was still not hungry the next day (today).
In cristmaspresent by mom I got an digital camera the cutest cups ever! It was big red roses on them and the background were white. I got alot other things by her but don't feel like write everything down.
By dad I got a realy cool shirt we're gonna order from the net. A Liverpool T-Shirt whit a name on the back, but I don't know witch name I should choose, Gerrard (8) or Hyypiä (4). A realy big problem... It is between captain fantastic and the happy finn, I want Greeard becaus he... HE IS GERRARD! Liverpool in the heart. But Hyypiä is special for me... I will let you know about who I choosed later on.
By Elini I and Danni got a really good quallity tea from china, by Danni I got a cool plant and the cutest thing ever!! She had made that cute emo thing, I don't know what the tecniq it was made whit is called, but it was wonderfull!
By Ellie I got a red light lamp that was so perfect til my new room and by Didi, my cousin, I got the cutest wright book.
Now I'm gonna eat alot of chocklat that I got today by Erik.

Picz, up to down: Mini Frida, Lii, Moe, Elini.
Non of them are my... Exept the one whit Moe and some are abit old, but shows who they are.
Don't have any on Dannini.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

My obsession

One thing you have to know about me is that I'm a period person. When I was i 6th grade i was obsessed whit a Finnish group called The Rasmus, the first semester in 7th grade I liked Gackt, Malise Mizer and the othe half of that grade I was addicted by Miyavi, Dir en Grey, Soroban and Mini Moni. After that I had a Kimi Räikkönen, Robert Stadlober, The Tribe, Disney, Tokio Hotel, fantasy, black style, elegant style, cute style, pop, rock and emo periodes (and that is far from all) in two years.
I like Liverpool verry mutch, but I doubt that is a period and that is good... I think.
Anyway, I'm a period person and, I know, everyboddy goes through some periods, but when I did a mental investigation whit my psychologist she said that I'm extream in that point.

Now my obsession whit Toiko Hotel has come back and Bill is The coolest guy ever!!
And, no, he is actually a boy. -->
All my friends think he looks like a girl, but no, no, (and again) NO!!
Besides, Mana (former: Malise Mizer, now: Moi dix Mois) looks more like a girl then Bill will ever do... But that could depend on that Mana want to look like a girl.
Anyway, back to Tokio Hotel, Bill Kaulitz is the singer, his twinbrother, Tom Kaulitz, is the guitarist, on drums they have Gustav Schäfer and the bassist name is Georg Listing. The two last named are quite unknown, there is not so mutch information about them on the net.
But I know some things about the twins. For example they are born 1 September 1989 in Leipzig, Tom is ten minutes older than Bill, Bill has more of a rock style and Tom is more of a
rapper style and Bill is the taller of them (I don't know what source I should trust, everybody say diferent length).
From left: Tom, Gustav, Bill, Georg
The two others I don't know that verry mutch about, but I know that Georg is the oldest (31 Marsh 1987) and the tallest of them, is born in the sign of Aries and is the only one who doesn't have brown eyes (he has green).
Gustav is born 8 September 1988, born and still living in Magdeburg and he is the shortes of them all.
The name of the band before it become Tokio Hotel was
'Devilish' and the band was created 2001.
My favorite songs are 'Rette Mich', 'Durch den Monsun' and 'Schrei'.

Today Liverpool meet Charlton at their home arena and we won whith 0-3! Congratulations guys.
"A third-minute Xabi Alonso penalty gave the Reds the lead after Djimi Traore's high tackle on Jermaine Pennant."
0-2 goal by Craig Bellamy, assist by Steve Finnan, in the 81th minute and Steven Gerrard gave us 0-3 in the 87th minute, header assist by Peter Crouch.
It was a great game and we had alot chances to make even more goals, but it dosn't matter that we lost them. This season we have not won so many games away, so that we did it today means alot for me.
From left: Crouch, Gerrard, Aurelio


In school I read Germany as a thired language (got VG, stands for "Väl Godkännt"("Verry Good")) and I get what some stuff means, but the it comes strange words and I lost it. Th most of the Tokio Hotel sites are in Germany (what had I thought?!) so I't a problem...
To all that is reading this (probably no one): If something in the information
about Tokio Hotel is wrong, let me know.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Last things

On tuesday was my youngest sister, Felicia, birthday and my aunt, her husband and their kids came and had some coffee. I just LOVE my cusins!! Their names are Rasmus, 2 years, and Albin, ½ year. They are soo ADORABLE and I just love them!

From left:

Rasmus, Jonas (hes dad), Albin, Erik (my stepbrother).

And the cake was WONDERFUL!! It was strawberry and realy yummy!
I love it, we had an choklat cake too, but I like the pink one better. Tasted sweet and hevenley good.
Anyway, back to my sister. She got a lot of presents, Sims 2, Power! (a manga), Across the Nightingale Floor, Grass for his Pillow and Brilliance of the Moon by Lian Hearn. She also got kina sticks, dressing gown and Drakmånad (Dragon month) by Åke Edwardson.
That was the first thing that was the last time, Felicia turning 12 years.

The other last thing was the lucia processions in Felicias school. She is in 6:th grade and all of we sisters have been in that church in that
lucia processions, a tradition.
It was fun to see it and it was not that bad as I thougth. They jused to sing so fals that I can't stand it, but this time it was diferent, it was even fun!
My cusine Denise, on my mothers side, was Lucia and it was beautiful.

Denise in the middle and Felicia three persons away on the right.

Felicia is the one who's looking down.

It is quite sad that I never will see this again, but I love that I had a chance to see this things.
Got to stop before this turns nagging, got to go! :)

Sunday, December 03, 2006

In the city

Today I, Lydia, Felicia, Daniella, Matilda, Rebecca and Ellen was in the city and shopped christmas presents. We meet outside McDonnald's at 12:00 and Lydia introduced me and Felicia to Matilda and Rebeca, becaus its her friends. After that we went to Åhlens and stayed there for one hour. I foun a present there, but I'm not gonna tell what I found or to who i found it for... yet. After that we went to Strand (mall) and I bought a blueberry milkshake there and after that we went to Bokia (bookshop) and found a present there to! We also looked at some manga magazins (don't realy know how to put this in english) and had fun. After that we went to Alla Smycken 19:- (All jewelry 19 sek, a jewelry shop) andjust looked around before we left Strand for Smedjan (another mall). There we went to Akademibokhandeln (another bookshop) and I and Ellen found some cool note books that we bought. They was black whit red flames on it. After that we went to a cosy café named Take Away and relaxed a bit, it was realy expencive there but nice so it doesn't matter. After that we went to Tiimari (a finnish shop) and there I found a present, four small buddah statues and a pink note book. After beeing there a loooong while we went to Shopping (a third mall) and to Indiska (a indian shop), but we were just there for a short while. And after that we went to EB Games (game shop) and looked for presents, but I just thought it was boring things there. After that Matilda and Rebecca had to go becaus there lift were gonna pick them up soon. The rest of us went to HM (clothes shop) and tryed ALOT of clothes. I found a set that I liked verry mutch, A red long sleeved shirt, red and black checked thights and black brace shorts. It was a realy cool outfit. We were at HM till they closed, 16:00, and then our ride came and picked us up for dinner.



I can have forgott some places we went to, but its no bigg deal, the main thing is that we had fun and I'v gott to know two new people.

Monday, November 20, 2006


Today I went home erly becaus I got sick at school. No fun...
But Moa (nice friend to me) took care of me. :)
Hate to be sick, but nothing to do about it.
I throw up and was dizzy, feel a little better now...
The dizzyness isn't gone but i don't feel that wierd in my stomach anymore, a good sign. :)

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Be my penguin?

I had a big problem whit my internet the for some months now and a lot of websites didn't work, so I haven't bin in here in a while. And something I've discovered when I couldn't get here is how mutch I need to write about my day and stuff that have happened to me.

Today my youngest sister should go to a Halloween party in a village 20 minutes from where we live and before we got away from home the clock had turned 15.10 and I, my dad and my sister, Lydia, was going to go and see football 16.00, but we just got 5 minutes late.
It was Liverpool vs. Reading and we won with 2-0, but we could have done it better.
The first goal came after 14 minutes, assist by Crouch, and it was Kuyt who did it! The whole bar (it was quite empty) was screaming and it felt like we were going to win, but I realy never believed anything else in the first place.
The rest of the first halfwasn't realy that exiting, but you could the whole time se how mutch Gerrard wanted to do the next goal.
In the 72th minute Kuyt did 2-0 and the atmosphere were realy... Happy! But then Rafa destroyed everything and did some defencive canges and the God (Robbie Fowler) wasn't in canged until the 87th minute. It should ALWAYS be God and Kuyt on the top from the start!

Dirk Kuyt; match hero

After the game I checked out my sisters site and saw the moast cutest and mizerable thing ever! I think its called "azuzephre", and its just the cutest emo... THING ever! :) I love it! Its so cute and... Just WONDERFUL!
Look at the one to the left for example, how cute isn't the middle square?
My sisters site (in swedish):

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Big Problems

I've hered something stange a coupple of days ago, my dad told me that Microsoft had confessed that Linux is better! Here it is:
"We will become better than Linux", says Bob Muglia on Microsoft. Concurrent recognizes he three areas there Linux today is by far the best, boozing era computers, webb and security.
  • Boozing era computers, that area may Linux still so long, but Microsoft will become better.
  • The webb is dominated of Linux and Apache but Microsoft tries to take again the lead.
  • Security, there, we have still nothing to come with, but within a pair years will we flog Linux.
They must have some BIG problems if they even confess that Linux is better and they say that they will be better in a few years, but where is Linux then?
My point is that they got the whole world against them, because Linux got everything open-sourced, so everyone can help to make Linux better and better. I myself have Fedora Core 4 on my computer at my dad and Ferora Core 5 at my mom, and FC5 is so flashy!
And to everyone that are going to buy a new computer; try to get a computer without anything on it, why pay 2000-3000 more just to have virus. And, Linux is free and totaly safe.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Two good things

Last saturday I, my sister Tott and my friends Danni, Didi, Frida and Linda was at Lule Kalaset and we arrived around 20.00 and the band we was there to see wasn't going on stage until 00.15, so we had some time to kill. And around a hour before BWO was going on stage we started to go to Södrahamn, where they would play. When we arrived Nazaret was on stage so we had to fight us through the whole crowd whit oldies and other Nazaret fans, and we got realy far. When Nazaret went of stage the most people went away because the genres are so different so it's not that many who like the both groups. As the people dissapered i was more and more space and finaly we finded some space in front of where Martin was going to sing and pushed away every one who thought that thye could steel our awesome places rigth by the fence. Then Martin, Marina and Alexander got on stage and the whole crowed got crazy. And I just must mention that this was my first big consert, I've been at Escobar when I was younger, but that was NOTHING compared whit this! After everybody but Danni and I complained about that they had been pushed against the fence, but I was behind Danni because it was no room for little me at the fence, so I was the whole time (almost) behind Danni and pushed the crowd back, so Danni had plenty of space compared whit the oters. But then we complaned about our hands instead, I did realy thought that I would have to sick-list myself. But if anyone is concerd I can say that its all rigth now. :) After the consert we were going on an autograph hunt and I and Danni got away from the rest of our friend and went back to the fance. We was also the only ones who got the autographs. I will probably publish some photos from the concert later on.

From left: Alexander Bard, Martin Rolinski, Marina Schiptjenko

Today Liverpool meet Chelsea and kicked there ases whith 2-1.
Riise did 1-0 after 9 minutes. This is from BBC:
"The Norwegian collects the ball from the corner in his own box and races upfield before unleashing a fierce shot from 25 yards." Realy cool, but I didn't saw that because I was eating then and I, my dad and Tott wasn't arriving to O'Learys (a sports bar where we watch all footballs matches because we don't got the chanel at home) until just before the second half kick-of.
Then we saw that Chelsea had
equalized in the 43:th minute, not good.
I think that we didn't had so much ball possition until the 59:th minute, when Bernites let Gerrard and Alonso out on the field, after that I couldn't complane about the Middfield anymore.
But I was happy to complane about Garcias and Crouchs
performance, but I always do.
Anyway, I saw the goal that Riise did after the game and I became realy PROUD to be at Liverpool fan. :)
Then Crouch header into the goal! And that is amazing
becaus I, Tott and dad always complayn on that Crouch headers so soft, but I did realy got surpriced and the hole bar is full whit screams! It turned out that it only was Liverpool fans in there. :)
It is realy fun to be able to say that we have beaten Chelsea two latest times!


Monday, July 31, 2006

Movies and stuff

I have seen a great movie that I can recommend to, like, everybody - Sommersturm (or, in english Summer storm). It is a german movie and I downloaded it without subtitle (by mistake of course) and I didn't understod that mutch, but I really liked it! I stole this review from, but I think they won't mind:
Tobiiand Achim, the prideiof the local crewiclub, have been bestifriends for years andiare convinced that nothingiwill ever stand inithe way of theirifriendship. They are bothiextremely keen about theiupcoming summer camp andithe crew competition.

At camp,iAchim begins spending moreiand more time withihis girlfriend, whilst Tobiibecomes increasingly sceptical ofitheir relationship. Then whenithe gay team fromiBerlin arrives, Tobi isicompletely confused. The eveningibefore the big race,ia storm breaks thatiis more than meteorologicali...

And I find some realy cute actors; Robert Stadlober (plays Tobi) and Marlon Kittel (plays Leo), AND! It has nothing to do with whatever happends in the movie!

Robert Stadlober
He is so mutch cuter in blond hair, didn't realy liked him in the movie.

Marlon Kittel
There is not so many pictures at the internet, so this picture is from the movie.

Songs to recomend:

"Sarah Beth" - Rascall Flatts
"Crazy" - Simple Plan

"Mouth Shut" - The Veronicas

"Leb die Sekunde" - Tokio Hotel

"There's A Good Reason Why These Tables Are Numbered Honey, You Just Haven't Thought Of It Yet" - Panic! At The Disco

"We Could Be Heroes" - Bodies Whitout Organs

"Hard Rock Hallelujah" - Lordi

"Botten Anna" - BassHunter

This i just some of my favourit songs, but if you look at the genres you se that I like different kinds of music and as my sister use to say: "There are no bad genres, just bad songs!"

Friday, July 21, 2006

Most about football

Buhu, we are going back to the island today and we don't have a computer there. And it dosen't are any fun people there, just 9-kids-family, the barrel people, Lyxele and Hertsön (neighbours).
I wish the fall could come soon! Then a new season of football starts and I just LOVE Liverpool! :D Missed them soo mutch during the summer and the World Cup wasn't exciting enough, the wrong land won.
This is my favourit countries:
  1. England
  2. Germany
  3. Spain
And I realy HATE Cristiano Ronaldo!!
But it coul have ended worse, France beated Spain, Portugal beated England and Italy beated Germany.
So, the worse thing would be this:
  1. Italy
  2. France
  3. Portugal
  4. Germany
It was close, but of course everybody know how it ended...
It was, anyway, NOT a good WM, Germany was the only land that played intresting football, like Champions Leuge football... :) And they have the most good looking football player... :D


Totaly the hottest in the football world! :)
Have to pack now...

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Hello! :)
I've been up all night and should probably go to bed now, but I have to get up in two hours so its no idea to go to bed. I've been listening to a soundbook by Hening Mankell and mayde cute notepads. Anyway, what I like about soundbooks:
  • Its so easy to do other stuff and that is realy good.
  • I think its easy to listen to another person when they reads for "me".
  • I don't have any problems whit different voices.
Now I have to get a cop of coffee... :)

Monday, July 17, 2006


Hey, just wan't to welcome you all who's finding this place and warn you: my english sucks! Anyway, welcome ones again and blessed be.