Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Hello! :)
I've been up all night and should probably go to bed now, but I have to get up in two hours so its no idea to go to bed. I've been listening to a soundbook by Hening Mankell and mayde cute notepads. Anyway, what I like about soundbooks:
  • Its so easy to do other stuff and that is realy good.
  • I think its easy to listen to another person when they reads for "me".
  • I don't have any problems whit different voices.
Now I have to get a cop of coffee... :)

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Swedish Beauty said...

I prefer to read books 'cause I never listen at soundbooks. I'm always on the run and it's hard to listen then. By the way, I'm biking to the mall today, wanna come? I HAVE to buy more gum if I'm gonna survive at "the island".

P.S. Visit my homepage: http://uber.totty.piczo.com I update it so often.

P.S.2. Those notepads are cute! :D