Sunday, February 25, 2007

Infant baptism of Matheus

Yesterday I, Lydia and our mother was at Vicky's kids, Matheus, baptism.
Lydia followed our cousin Bea and her family to the church and I and mom got to go in with oma's und opa's old Volvo.
When I first met Lydia inside the church she asked if I'd brought my camera and the first thing I said was "Jag glömde den jävla kamera jäveln!" ("I did forgot that fucking camera!"), one of my aunts husband is a pastor so I don't think they were too happy about my bad language... :)
Anyway, the church was lovley and the cermony beautiful, even if I'm not Christian i did enjoy it.

Lars, Vicky, Matheus

After the cermoni we went to another building and there I made the same mistake, only this time I didn't knew we were in a house of God. It can be tricky to know, you know. :)
In this other building we ate some cake and Vicky, Lars and Matheus opened some presents.
Ther wasn't so manny from our family there, oma und opa, mom and her sisters and their families. Then there was some from Lars family and the priest.
It was fun and nice but I was fairly tired so when we got home I fell asleep.
That night I had sleept 4 hours and before the baptism I sleapt 5 hours, so I was very tired...

Emelie, my oldest cousins oldest kid.

Kevin, my youngest cousin on my moms side.

Alexander, my oldest cousins youngest kid.

(All Pictures by Lydia, ask her if you wonder anything.)


Swedish Beauty said...

Yeh, I don't think they liked that you swore in the church! And I don't think they liked my clothes either.. But the cake was good! ^^

Anonymous said...

Fin blogg! Kul att du ville komma på Matheus dop!!
Ha en trevlig helg!
Kramar från kusin Vicky

Anonymous said...

"Till Lydia!"
Du hade oxå en fin blogg men jag kunde inte lämna någon kommentar på din..
Du får oxå ha det så bra!
Kramar från Vicky