Monday, December 25, 2006

My grades; Not a nice christmas storry

On wednesday last week it was my last day in school this year. First I, Lydia, Daniella, Elin, Frida and Moa looked at the in bandy-, basketball- and volleyballfinals together. 9B (my class) met 9A in volleyball and we won the first set and was realy good, but then we lost in the second set. I think our players tock that to hard and we let them win the third whitout any fight!
I still don't get why we played Louise and Emma!! Both of them sucked, everytime they should take a ball I'd stoped my breating and they missed or did something strange so you would wonder what they think whit almost everytime!! But Emma actually managed to pass the ball over the net sometimes and did some good assists.
Anyway, I really do wonder how it comes that Louise was even alowed to enter the field, she should have been sended to the school and watch a movie or somewere where I don't have to se her. The only reasom that she could play was becaus she is popular, if she had been inpopular like me, she wouldn't even been alowed to suport the team!

Now we got to an intresting subiect, who am I? Am I popular or inpopular?
The truth is that I'm inpopular and I only got three friends from my class; Dannini (Daniella), Elini (Elin) and Moe (Moa).
Moe is the one I dislike the most in our whole school, she talks behind my back and is... just mean!
Danni is the kind one, she got blond hair (just like an angle), plays piano and is the one that I think I is most giving to talk to.
Elini is the one that I find hardest to talk to, but is also the one that wonders me again and again! She came with a new side of things that I doubt I would had finded otherwise. And she has her own style!
The others just ignore us, or they ignore Danni nad sometimes me to and are picking on Elini and sometimes me.
There I admire Elini, she is so cold against them and it looks like they can't harm her. I don't know if that is the real thing or not, but on the outside it looks like that.

Back to the last day. After 9A beated us in volleyball we went back to the school and got our grades. I will maybe publish them here later, but I can say that I'm disapointed! I should at least have VG in math and HK, but I only got G!

The first day on my christmas holiday I read a upper secondary school-guide about what you can choose to go and I found out that that there is nothing I want to go!! Realy depressing!
So, after that I've been pretty low and didn't got any christmas feelings.
The 24th I woke up and feelt realy low, but mom made me go to dinner at my cousins place. We were spending the whole cristmas there, from 13.00 to 23.30 and we almost ate the whole time.
When the others were watching Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse on the TV, a sweedish christmas tradition, I was listening to Tokio Hotel on my IPod, really depressing.
The most depressing I know is that in my whole family, on both my moms and my dads side, no one is in my age! The closest is my stepbrother Erik and my dads cousin Adrian, both are one year older than me! On all family advents I don't have anyone to talk to, feels so alone...
Anyway, that day we ate like too mutch, so I was still not hungry the next day (today).
In cristmaspresent by mom I got an digital camera the cutest cups ever! It was big red roses on them and the background were white. I got alot other things by her but don't feel like write everything down.
By dad I got a realy cool shirt we're gonna order from the net. A Liverpool T-Shirt whit a name on the back, but I don't know witch name I should choose, Gerrard (8) or Hyypiä (4). A realy big problem... It is between captain fantastic and the happy finn, I want Greeard becaus he... HE IS GERRARD! Liverpool in the heart. But Hyypiä is special for me... I will let you know about who I choosed later on.
By Elini I and Danni got a really good quallity tea from china, by Danni I got a cool plant and the cutest thing ever!! She had made that cute emo thing, I don't know what the tecniq it was made whit is called, but it was wonderfull!
By Ellie I got a red light lamp that was so perfect til my new room and by Didi, my cousin, I got the cutest wright book.
Now I'm gonna eat alot of chocklat that I got today by Erik.

Picz, up to down: Mini Frida, Lii, Moe, Elini.
Non of them are my... Exept the one whit Moe and some are abit old, but shows who they are.
Don't have any on Dannini.

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