Saturday, December 16, 2006

My obsession

One thing you have to know about me is that I'm a period person. When I was i 6th grade i was obsessed whit a Finnish group called The Rasmus, the first semester in 7th grade I liked Gackt, Malise Mizer and the othe half of that grade I was addicted by Miyavi, Dir en Grey, Soroban and Mini Moni. After that I had a Kimi Räikkönen, Robert Stadlober, The Tribe, Disney, Tokio Hotel, fantasy, black style, elegant style, cute style, pop, rock and emo periodes (and that is far from all) in two years.
I like Liverpool verry mutch, but I doubt that is a period and that is good... I think.
Anyway, I'm a period person and, I know, everyboddy goes through some periods, but when I did a mental investigation whit my psychologist she said that I'm extream in that point.

Now my obsession whit Toiko Hotel has come back and Bill is The coolest guy ever!!
And, no, he is actually a boy. -->
All my friends think he looks like a girl, but no, no, (and again) NO!!
Besides, Mana (former: Malise Mizer, now: Moi dix Mois) looks more like a girl then Bill will ever do... But that could depend on that Mana want to look like a girl.
Anyway, back to Tokio Hotel, Bill Kaulitz is the singer, his twinbrother, Tom Kaulitz, is the guitarist, on drums they have Gustav Schäfer and the bassist name is Georg Listing. The two last named are quite unknown, there is not so mutch information about them on the net.
But I know some things about the twins. For example they are born 1 September 1989 in Leipzig, Tom is ten minutes older than Bill, Bill has more of a rock style and Tom is more of a
rapper style and Bill is the taller of them (I don't know what source I should trust, everybody say diferent length).
From left: Tom, Gustav, Bill, Georg
The two others I don't know that verry mutch about, but I know that Georg is the oldest (31 Marsh 1987) and the tallest of them, is born in the sign of Aries and is the only one who doesn't have brown eyes (he has green).
Gustav is born 8 September 1988, born and still living in Magdeburg and he is the shortes of them all.
The name of the band before it become Tokio Hotel was
'Devilish' and the band was created 2001.
My favorite songs are 'Rette Mich', 'Durch den Monsun' and 'Schrei'.

Today Liverpool meet Charlton at their home arena and we won whith 0-3! Congratulations guys.
"A third-minute Xabi Alonso penalty gave the Reds the lead after Djimi Traore's high tackle on Jermaine Pennant."
0-2 goal by Craig Bellamy, assist by Steve Finnan, in the 81th minute and Steven Gerrard gave us 0-3 in the 87th minute, header assist by Peter Crouch.
It was a great game and we had alot chances to make even more goals, but it dosn't matter that we lost them. This season we have not won so many games away, so that we did it today means alot for me.
From left: Crouch, Gerrard, Aurelio


In school I read Germany as a thired language (got VG, stands for "Väl Godkännt"("Verry Good")) and I get what some stuff means, but the it comes strange words and I lost it. Th most of the Tokio Hotel sites are in Germany (what had I thought?!) so I't a problem...
To all that is reading this (probably no one): If something in the information
about Tokio Hotel is wrong, let me know.

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