Sunday, December 31, 2006

My little sister

Today I and Ylva was painting and listened to Tokio Hotel. Ylva is three years old and likes Tokio Hotel really mutch, when we listen to Schrei she sings to as mutch as she can, but she don't know germany so she sounds REALLY cute. And I got a picture of Bill as background so everytime she sees it she screams "Bill, det är Bill" (Bill, it is Bill).


All the time while we were painting Ylva said that we were going to send Bill our pintings, but i the end they ended up on my door.

Ylvas painting

Lydia were whith us and painted, acording to Ylva she were going to send her paintings to Good Charlotte.

This is Liis freaky pictures, love you sis!

And of course did I also painted. I did a uncreative picture, D didn't got to think of anything else to do... :)

My uncreative painting

After a while our dad came in to my room and looked on our paintings and he didn't like mine. He don't like the name Bill becaus of Bill Gates.

Dads hand

This is my dad

My promise for the next year will be NO CNADY!
How will I survive?

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Swedish Beauty said...

Thank you, love you too sis! :)