Thursday, September 20, 2007

If you love animals... (hittade på moc)

In headlining news this week, we have learned that the Falcon's Quarterback Michael Vick has been indicted on dog fighting charges. This morning in listening to a local radio talk show, I learn the gristly details of the evidence thus far. Upon arriving at the house investigators found 66 dogs, mostly pit bulls, bloodstained carpets, fighting arenas, rape post, and many other equipment associated with dog fighting. Dog fighting is illegal everywhere in the United States except for Wyoming and Idaho and yet is estimated by the Humane Society as a 20,000 to 40,000 people, multibillion dollar industry. A multibillion dollar industry that involves a puppy, usually a Pit Bull, to be raised up. This puppy however is not raised up with the TLC that most puppies recieve. It is beaten, it is starved, females tied up to a post and force-bred with other males, made to fight and kill, it's given the taste of blood. This little puppy becomes a big dog. A big dog that knows only anger and fear. Then this dog is chained up and put in front of another dog with a rage and strength to match it's own. Usually a crowd of about 200 people stand around shouting and provoking as these fierce animals are unleashed upon each other. Snarling, biting, clawing, and ultimately going for each others throat in order to kill. People stand by and laugh, bet money even as the mighty creatures tear each other to shreds. The winning dog gets only money, sometimes money up to $50,000 dollars, for it's owner...not caretaker, owner. The losing dog is often shot right there in the pit. A bullet to the brain, while people cheer and scream. Often times even local sheriffs and police officers among them. Sometimes the losing dog, or "property" as most fighters see them, is taken out and drowned or electrocuted or beaten to death. The only thing that any one in the ring is worried about is either the money they won, the money the lost, or if someone on the brink of discovery is gonna talk. Many people that take part in the degrading and pathetic world of dog fighting argue that the dogs are just property, something to be dealt with as the owner sees fit. Ok, it's a living breathing creature, about 1 to 2 years old. Let's take a child, beat it , starve it some, keep it locked up in a basement and molest it untill it's about 5. Lets then put it in a makeshift playground with another abused and high-tempered 5 year old. Watch them fight and claw at each other. Their high pitch screams and cries as they tear out each others throat. Throw in a couple of thousand dollars and you've got a good time right? Which ever kid loses we will just throw it out back and throw a brick on its head, cheaper than wasting a bullet right?People that do this kind of thing to a dog is just a distgusting and low as doing it to a child. Forcing two animals to fight to the death...and then many go onto say how disgusting another race is for shooting of missiles or trying to take our freedom. The creatures that participate in this "recreation" are just as low and pathetic. Many of them say it is no different than a UFC match. Funny, aren't those people in the fight of their own free will. I don't recall seeing someone 5 times their size holding a leash on their neck and forcing them to kill another human being for sport. Animal cruelty is being exibited in many forms;dog fights, cock fights, sexual abuse, neglect and starvation, and it is a terrible act against creation. Most abuse happens for the sadistic pleasure of the owner(and sometimes parent). I once had a dog who was taken off the street and with a wire cutter, had his jaw broken in half and his whole mouth so entirely scrambled and shattered that even the vet could not distinguish what was the top of his mouth and what was the bottom. This happened to my little Jack Russell because he had gotten someone's dog pregnant and was back for round two. But I guess the demented bastard that did that didn't want anymore puppies. That happens to people as well. Abortion, young girls being murdered because their guy wasn't man enough to take care of his mistake. Women and young children are traded across the border and sold as sex slaves all over the world. Could you imagine your little sister, or your best friend, or your daughter, being lured in and kidnapped by a group of men. They would probably hit her first, but not on the face because you don't want the merchandise to be ugly. Beat her until she can hardly move, then rip off her clothes and press their faces in on hers so close that she could smell his cocktails. He and probably a group of about five men or more would proceed to rape her, laugh as she cried and bled and begged for death, or for you. Then take her and clean her up to get a couple of thousand dollars for. So that that kind of thing and worse can happen to her every night of her life. Depending on how pretty she is, it might only be a couple of years. Terrible things happen in this world, you hear "crimes against humanity" but what about the rest of the earth? How about while you are sitting down at McDonalds think about this cute little cow you might have seen driving up there, then imagine how in a couple of months, he could be standing in line waiting to have a large railroad spike thrust into the back of his brain....mmmmmmmm Big Mac. Think about the millions of gallons of oil tossed into the oceans destroying fish, birds, and sea life. About the trees that are being cut down by the millions everyday because people would rather throw that fax into the trash instead of the recycling. I dont know about you, but I would like to continue living and breathing...oh yeah, and smoking. How about that Ozone? Lets make a few more gaping holes in it while we are putting them in our lungs as well. Thanks guys.There is physical abuse of course, but don't forget the kinds of mental abuse that people of all kinds are subjected to. Fat, Gay, Black, Poor, Disabled. I haven't the stomach to even type the kinds of words people use to make fun of the diversity in our nation. How are we to live and stand united when people are dying to bring others down. Bit ironic don't you think? There is a total disregard of exitance as a whole today. Abuse one of the largest problems in America today and it ranges in all shapes and sizes to creatures big and small. If love animals and want others to realize the things that are happening to them, or realize that this is only a fraction of the kinds of abuse that people go through, then repost this. Sign your name and city and spread it to everyone you know. E-mails, bulletins, blogs, whatever. Just help me spread the word to raise awareness. Remember that it could be your dog, or your best friend, it could even be you. I hope that this touched you and that you will take the few seconds to repost it. Who knows, you may give someone dear to you the courage to stand up for what is right, to put a stop to something perhaps they are keeping secret. You can save a life. Individually you can make a difference, but collectively we can change the world. Don't be afraid to stand up, because I promise, you are not standing alone.

Thanks Guys.1. Kayla Schneider-Waxahachie, Tx

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